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One key reason why Browne and Maguire are wrong to say Preston fans should keep quiet

The discontent and apathy among Preston North End fans seems to be building with each game.

It reached boiling point at Deepdale on Saturday with boos ringing round the stadium after the 2-1 defeat.

The players have accepted we are in a difficult position whilst Peter Ridsdale and Frankie McAvoy seem to think we’re doing alright. Of course no one at the club is going to enjoy the toxic atmosphere from the fans but it’s understandable at the moment.

It’s obvious there’s no tactics in place and it’s become hugely frustrating to watch the team with no signs of improvement.

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Fans aren’t expecting us to be comfortably in the play-offs but the set up, performances and results have not been up to scratch this season in what is a fairly average league compared to recent years. Also words from Ridsdale and McAvoy haven’t helped matters, almost criticising fans for their stance.

The players are aware of the negative views from the fans at the moment and a couple have come out to say its best if nothing is said at all. Well that’s where you’re wrong.

Alan Browne said it didn’t help at the weekend and Seani Maguire has recently said “Everyone is entitled to your opinion but sometimes it is better off keeping that opinion to yourself.”

Of course you can see where they are coming from but nothing would change if the fans kept quiet.

Ridsdale already thinks things are going smoothly, if the fans were to keep quiet he’d be even more none the wiser. Whether you like it or not the fans have a huge impact on how the clubs operate.

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No one likes booing, but at the end of a game there’s limited things you can do to get your frustrations across. Social media then becomes a place to vent further.

It’s important fans do let the club know they’re unhappy. They pay to come and if things don’t get better they’ll stop doing that. The club then suffers from a loss in revenue and the situation gets even worse. Ultimately the club have to listen to the fans opinions.

I don’t think there’s many left that think things are drastically going to get better with the current regime. A big overhaul is needed to get the best out of this squad. There is some very good players at Preston North End but their talents are being wasted.

So for Alan Browne, Seani Maguire and others, it may not be pleasant hearing boos and criticism from the fans and I understand that. But the fans deem it necessary before we witness our club get dragged into further trouble.

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