Ryan Lowe has outlined plans for Felipe Rodriguez-Gentile to join first-team training at Preston North End in the near future.

The PNE boss has been quoted by the club’s official Twitter account as saying that Rodriguez-Gentile is a ‘good little player’.

Lowe also called Rodriguez-Gentile an ‘exciting prospect’ and admitted that he will be joining the first-team for training very soon.

However, Lowe did make it clear that we can’t get too carried away with Rodriguez-Gentile, trying to slow down the hype train a little.


Fans have been taking about Rodriguez-Gentile ever since his ridiculous performance last Friday.

PNE’s Under-18’s were in action against Rotherham United in the FA Youth Cup last week.

Rodriguez-Gentile featured and stole the headlines with a ridiculous five-goal display.

From close-range finishes to a stunning left-footed screamer, Rodriguez-Gentile was in outrageous form.

Rodriguez-Gentile even made headlines away from PNE as Rising Ballers – an enormous Instagram account featuring the top young players around – gave some spotlight to the North End youngster.

That display has sparked real hope amongst PNE fans that the 16-year-old will become a first-team player one day.

That’s a big ask for the Brazilian attacker but Lowe has seem how much talent he possesses.

Lowe is all for giving chances to young players, as we saw with Mikey O’Neill emerging last season.

O’Neill, Noah Mawene, Jacob Slater and Finlay Cross-Adair all came off the bench against Blackburn Rovers on Saturday afternoon too.

There are also high hopes for the likes of Harry Nevin, Josh Seary, Dana Amaral, Aaron Bennett and Lewis Leigh.

Let’s hope we see some of those talents nail down first-team roles in the coming years, and maybe Rodriguez-Gentile will be in contention too if he can continue progressing.

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